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"When a Customer Enters My Store, Forget Me, He is King."
         USDA Choice Boneless Strip Steak $ 9.99 lb.
         USDA Choice Boneless Top Sirloin Steak $ 6.99 lb.
         USDA Choice Eye of Round Steak $ 5.99 lb.
         USDA Choice Beef Skirt Steak $ 7.99 lb.
         USDA Choice Beef Cube Steak $ 5.69 lb.
         USDA Choice Eye of Round Roast $ 5.39 lb.
         USDA Choice Beef Bottom Round Roast $ 4.69 lb.
         "Be Inspired" Boneless Pork Roast $ 3.99 lb.
         "Be Inspired" Boneless Pork Chops $ 3.99 lb.
         "Be Inspired" Butterfly Pork Chops $ 3.99 lb.
         Ohio Raised Chicken Thighs $ 1.99 lb.
         Ohio Raised Chicken Drumsticks $ 1.99 lb.
Franklin County, Muskingum County, Ohio State Fair,
Perry County, Allen County

Fête en Blanc is a gathering of friends sharing food, music, and company, with the added bonus of supporting our local food industry. This year's event will be held Friday, August 1.

Huffman's Market will provide a beautiful and delicious array of picnic items for you to enjoy at the event. Please call 486-5336 by July 25 to order.

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Please call 486-5336 to order.
Summer is here, and that means plenty of home grown sweet corn. Do you dread husking the corn and then picking off all the silk? This video demonstrates a quick and simple way to get a husk and silk-free ear of corn in 4 minutes!

COME ON IN and see our fabulous assortment of home-grown fruits and vegetables!

We are featuring locally grown - all in OHIO - tomatoes, sweet corn, radishes, cucumbers, squash and more!


Meat Kabobs

Vegetable Kabobs

Corn on the Cob

Portabella Mushrooms

Chicken Breast



Leadership UA is pleased to present its 2014 Margine Moul Award to Tim and Glenda Huffman.

Our Margine Moul Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional devotion to our community, a vision regarding the community's needs, and the empowerment of others within our community. The award is given in honor of Margine Moul, who served as our first Executive Director on a volunteer basis for six years.

Living their lives with a constant smile, Tim and Glenda find light and laughter no matter the circumstance. Often the laughter comes from their rather crazy costumes. No matter the time or place the Huffmans bring joy to whatever room they enter. Their outgoing and spontaneous love of life creates enthusiasm within everyone they meet.

Their leadership goes beyond making others laugh. Giving of their time and treasure to support Upper Arlington community groups they embody the essence of what it means to be a good neighbor. When Upper Arlington went days without power, the Huffmans purchased ice and gave it out to any residents in need. When UA teams and organizations need a place to advertise their events, the Huffmans are generous with space. The Huffmans support countless events within our community and they are especially generous to Upper Arlington schools. And, as a first time employer for many young residents, Huffmans Market takes the time to nurture and grow their staff. Whether they are lending a hand or supporting future leadership the Huffmans are always willing to help.

Through their generosity and humor, Tim and Glenda help to make Upper Arlington a thriving community to be a part of.

Article by Marianne Mitchell, Leadership UA Board Officer

Read the UA News article.

From the UA News, March 6, 2014:

For nearly three decades, Tim and Glenda Huffman have weathered changing economies and continued to serve the Upper Arlington community through their family-owned grocery store, Huffman's Market at 2140 Tremont Center.

In addition to savvy and customer-friendly business practices -- for which Tim Huffman was recognized in September 2012 with induction into the Ohio Grocers Hall of Fame -- the couple has remained a local fixture due to the connections they've established with the people of Upper Arlington and the Tri-Village area.

On Saturday, March 8, St. Agatha Catholic Church and St. Agatha School will honor the Huffmans for their service and dedication, particularly to the K-8 school.

"When I finally did meet (Tim and Glenda) I found them to be committed to the parish, very friendly and outgoing," said the Rev. Daniel Ochs of St. Agatha Catholic Church. "I thought, 'These are very neat people. They're such an instrumental part of bringing people together, to help people get to know each other and to build us up as a community of people, in addition to a worshipping community."

The recognition took place during the annual St. Agatha Auction on March 8 at the St. Agatha Parish Hall, 1880 Northam Road.

Read the entire article here.

On October 24, 2013, Huffman's Market held a 4-minute shopping spree to benefit The Salvation Army.

This shopping spree was given to The Upper Arlington Education Foundation for their fund raiser, The Golden Bear Bash. The couple who won the auction donated the spree to The Salvation Army.

The four minute spree included any two items of any kind excluding alcohol and tobacco.

The true value of the event was approximately $2,000.00. It is events such as this one that keep Huffman's Market in the public image and help generate more publicity for others to give to worthy causes, especially those needing food and shelter and clothing.

Huffman's Market carries delicious, fine quality products from several local providers. Please stop in and try some of these treats:
Tessora Limone
Aimee's Blue Ribbon Spices - Granville OH
Bob Evans - Rio Grande OH
Gerber's Amish Chicken - Kidron OH
Der Dutchman Baked Goods - Plain City OH
Graeter's Ice Cream - Columbus OH
Jeni's Ice Cream - Columbus OH
OYO Vodka - Short North
Smith's Dairy - Orrville OH
Tony Packos Pickles - Toledo OH
Velvet Ice Cream - Utica OH
Watershed Distillery Products - Grandview OH

Tim and Glenda Huffman invite you to visit and rediscover the convenience and friendliness of the small-town grocery store.

Huffman's Market, a full-service family-owned grocery store, is located at the west end of Tremont Center in Upper Arlington, Ohio and we pride ourselves on high quality products and personal service for our loyal customers.

Huffman's offers many distinct features not found in today's "big grocery stores." You always find a friendly, cheerful employee willing to assist you in your every shopping need, including the long-lost art of the carry-out. When you visit us, you are not merely a customer, you are always a friend and are treated that way.

Huffman's offers an excellent stock of beer and wine that is second to none. What's more, we operate a State Liquor Store and are open on Sundays.

You are guaranteed to be able to find the finest and freshest produce at Huffman's. The Meat and Deli department prides itself on preparing specialty items on a daily basis; we are also able to meet your every catering need. The Deli also offers "Huffman's-in-a-Hurry;" meals that are ready to simply heat and eat; an ideal solution for the "too busy to eat" person.

Did you know that you can order ahead and then pick up your groceries on your way home? Just call us at 486-5336 or email us and we'll see to it that your order is filled and waiting for you at the specified time.

Huffman's specializes in those hard to find items. If we don't have it, simply ask, and we will do our best to get it for you. Best of all, Huffman's changes with the season, offering firewood in the winter, fresh-cut flowers in the spring, summertime produce, and fresh turkeys in autumn.


From the UA News:

UAEF Executive Director Joanie Dugger said Glenda and Tim Huffman, along with their son, Ryan, owners of Huffman's Market in the Tremont Center, were honored this year because of their dedication to the community.

"They support every event that has happened in this community and have been incredibly generous to Upper Arlington schools," she said. "It is our pleasure to lift them up and honor them in a way that we know many people will be there to celebrate them."

Tim Huffman said having the event at the Tremont Center "in the heart of Upper Arlington, is awesome."

"When you have a shopping center made up of mostly family-owned businesses that have seen so many children grow up here, it is amazing," he said. "We love UA and everything it represents."

Read the entire article here.


If you haven't visited the Huffman's Market Facebook page, please check it out now!

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The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company is a small family owned and operated firm run by a passionate team in Sydney, Australia. Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are the original creation of Lee Etherington, who invented the product 11 years ago in 1997.

Wild Hibiscus Flowers are unique in all the world and are now sold in 30 countries across the globe through retailers as prestigious as Harvey Nichols in London, Citarella in New York & Galerie Lafayette in Paris.

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup was "discovered" by happy accident at a lively Australian dinner party in 1998, when Lee Etherington and a group of (tipsy) friends playfully dunked a crimson wildflower into a champagne flute. The flower slid gracefully to the bottom of the glass, and the friends watched, agog, as champagne bubbles streamed across it, and the petals slowly unfurled. Lee, a 21-year-old tour guide who owned a small food business and had only ever used the edible Hibiscus as a dessert garnish, took a sip of his exotic creation.

This creation is found in upscale bars and restaurants and prestigious retail stores in 16 countries worldwide, from the posh Dorchester Hotel in London to gourmet grocer Citarella in New York.

And now, you can find The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup right here at Huffman's Market!

Visit the The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup web site here.

Did you know that we have plenty of ideas for healthy, nutritious family meals right here at Huffman's Market, and that we have recipe cards back at the meat counter to help you with your mealtime planning! Need a new way to prepare salmon? Look on the recipe card rack! How about a new twist for that pot roast? Ask James or anyone at Huffman's where to get recipe ideas!


The Ohio Grocers Association is pleased to announce that on September 12, Tim Huffman of Huffman's Market in Upper Arlington was inducted into the Ohio Grocers Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is comprised of individuals who have dedicated their lives and years of service to Ohio's food industry. Inductees are nominated by fellow OGA members and approved by a nominating committee.


In every department of Huffman's Market, you'll be greeted with friendly smiles from our experienced, knowledgeable employees. We are proud to live by our motto: "When A Customer Enters My Store, Forget Me ... He is King."

James Williams, Robert Donehue, Sarah Gerkin, Ann Marie Slater

Earl Stover

David Scott
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